The No. 1 Mobile App Solution for Institutions.

myly is a cloud based communication and transaction platform for institutions. myly platform enables integration of multiple 'value added technology solutions' for institutions.

myly, with its mobile technology core, bridges the digital divide between the institution and parents by bringing convenience in exchanging information, communicating and transacting in a secure environment. It fulfills the institutions' need for an easy, scalable and economical solution, which is future-proof and can integrate with upcoming technologies.

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About Us

EduCommerce Technologies is a pioneer in enabling Mobile Technology adoption in institutions. It provides myly communication & transaction suite. EduCommerce Technologies is built with a vision to become the preferred communication, transaction and various value-added services between institutions and parents.

Madhup Bansal
Co-founder & COO

Madhup is involved in strategy & business development. He is responsible for top line of the company, strategic planning, financial management, marketing & partner program development.

Gaurav Mundra
Co-founder & CEO

Gaurav is involved in translating the vision of the organization into results. He is responsible for strategic planning, product development, technology execution and day-to-day operations of the company.


Join us for a career filled with exciting opportunities, great learning and ability to excel in a field of your choice. As a start-up, we welcome you to take new challenges, innovate new solutions and prove yourself to make a mark in the industry.

You will work with some of the most creative brains in the field and get a chance to work directly wiht the founders of this exciting, ground-breaking company along with a great pay package.

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.NET Sr. Developer

(3-4 years exp.)
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Sr. Mobile App Developer

(4-5 years exp.)
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